A long time ago, Jennabeth Taliaferro fought with her brother about whether Africa was a country or a continent. She was on the losing side... but learned her lesson and studied up on world geography. She dreamed of visiting all the places that she once never knew existed. The first chance she had, Jennabeth packed up and moved to Spain for a semester in college. Now, six years later, she continues to write and travel as much as possible. She spends the rest of her time in Abilene, Texas, cooking and blogging and dreaming about her next adventure.

Her work has appeared in Abilene Scene Magazine, a bimonthly magazine that covers local events, culture, and arts in her hometown of Abilene. Her first story, "Three Cities, One Hometown," appeared in the March 2014 edition of Abilene Scene, and can be read here.

Jennabeth attended the Paris Writing Workshop in 2013, and was accepted as a fellow the following year. She founded the Abilene Writing Workshop in October 2013, where local writers meet to discuss literature and share stories, essays and poems. She enjoys traveling to Europe, Paris and London specifically, and hopes to go back to Africa sometime soon. She is now thoroughly aware that it is a continent.

Jennabeth would like to become the world's first living expert on bread and cheese. She writes about her adventures (abroad and in the kitchen), her amazing family and friends, and her favorite places to sip wine.

She can be reached at jb.taliaferro(at)gmail.com.

The photo to end all photos. Please feel free to ask me about this.

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