Sunday, September 13, 2015

Change of Address

One of the best trips eva..
It's been three lively and long years since I decided to start writing Of A Long Book. My life has changed immeasurably and it's pretty entertaining to go back and read my first few blog posts. I was still a mere child, working for my congressman and blissfully ignorant of all that life could be if only I took a few chances. It's been an emotional ride, a four-wheeler-on-sand-dunes kind of ride, and some of the happiest and saddest moments of my life. I've climbed a mountain, spent a couple summers in Paris, got to know some amazing chicos in Nicaragua, and published stories in a local magazine. But beyond that, I've learned how to be bold, to follow my gut even though it may have been easier to not. I have a lot more to learn, I know, but I feel so much more sure of myself than I did back in 2013 when I quit my job. I now know that "unexpected" does not have to mean "scary."

I've also had a chance to nourish some of the most important relationships in my world. Though I don't live in DC anymore, I feel closer to my DC friends and am so thankful that no matter how much time passes, we never have trouble picking up where we left off. I've grown real and adult relationships with my high school friends, and I've had the chance to FINALLY live in the same town as them. I've found new friendships in Nicaragua, England, Paris, and all over. My brothers and I have found our groove, and I no longer feel like they're there just because they are. And, of course, I've gotten to know my parents not as my parents, but as buddies, and they have gotten to know the grown-up (sort of) me. Words could never express how thankful I am for their generosity and kindness: for letting me live at home when I clearly had no idea what I was doing. I will always be grateful for their love, and I appreciate them on a deeper level than I think I even realize.

While it has been great, I do feel it is time to move on. So I'm off to London today and am excited to see what will come next. But this isn't goodbye! To keep up with people and to let my mom know that I'm still alive, I've started a new blog! Check it out to see what I'm doing over in Londres, the things I eat and drink and read and write. If you come visit I promise I'll write about you.

And of course, thank you for following this blog and allowing me to vent, explore, and share the things that I love. Readers are the Thing, and I couldn't be happier to have gone on this journey with you. So, thanks.

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